Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Mark Foley is Not Important

I ran across this late last night. This girl knows here stuff and is a reformed liberal! She also has other great post here.

After reading this, I have more faith in the American voter.

One of the blessings about having come of age in the Watergate era is that I have no illusions about politicians. Keeping in mind Lord Acton’s handy-dandy dictum that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely,” I’ve always had incredibly low expectations when it comes to that breed.

For the most part, our representatives are ordinary men and women who operate in an environment filled with sycophants, opportunists, and way too much money. Even worse, many of them make this unhealthy environment their life’s work. Sen. Robert Byrd, for example, between his time in the House and the Senate, has spent more than fifty years working D.C.’s political beat. It’s small wonder, therefore, that hubris is the politicians’ besetting sin, with the result that they are often caught with their hands in the till or their pants on the floor.

Considering my jaundiced view about politicians, am I at all surprised that Mark Foley engaged in unseemly conduct? No. Nor am I surprised at the bungling ineptitude the Republican leadership is showing in the wake of Foley’s exposure. My view of the”scandal” – assuming it is a “scandal,” since non-sex with non-underage, non-gay pages, while disquieting and vulgar, scarcely ranks up there with history’s great political sexcapades – I’m inclined to be lenient.

I don’t think the emails about which the Republican leadership actually knew could reasonably have required forceful action, especially since doing so would have resulted in a homophobia accusation. Even if I were not inclined to be lenient, however, the fact remains that the most I expect from Congress under these circumstances is manic and usually ineffectual scrambling aimed, not at solving any ethical or moral problems, but at covering all backsides. Full article...


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