Sunday, October 15, 2006


Lifestyles of the Rich and Famished

How Kim dines

‘He's known for swigging cognac and owning thousands of bottles of vintage French wine. His private train is reportedly stocked with live lobsters served with silver chopsticks. He allegedly flew in an Italian chef to make him pizzas.’

On his tour through Russia on his private train: “Kim's 16-car private train was stocked with crates of French wine. Live lobsters were delivered in advance to stations, and gourmet feasts were eaten with silver chopsticks’

‘Kim also reportedly eats specially grown rice grains that are hand sorted by women’

How his people dine

About 2 million people are believed to have starved to death in North Korea in the 1990s amid bad harvests and decades of economic bungling. As Kim tucked into gourmet meals, his people survived by eating tree bark, weeds and roots.

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