Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Kim's Ill's

Well, if Kim’s tests another device, what shall the United Nations do? Draft another "resolution" condemning the act, cite sanctions and call for outrage? That’s about all we are going to accomplish at the UN.

The way I see it, further isolation is required. I suggest a naval and air blockade by a coalition of the "willing" countries. I know this sounds far-fetched and there will not be many nations that have the capability and gonads to accomplish this feat. However, it can be accomplished. My greatest concern with this scenario is China's reaction. We may get into an air confrontation. Escalation is certainly a concern. China could male a move on Taiwan, Japanese islands, etc.

Perhaps China will reign in their lapdog and spank him before it gets ugly. China is in no position for a major conflict at this time.

All of this is the result of our first endeavor of in “limited warfare" and turning our back on Chang Kai Sheck in 1949. The results of this are a stalemate (armistice) that has lasted for 53 years and Communist Red China. If President Truman (the only Democrat president I have respect for) had allowed General McArthur to pursue his goals, none of this would be happening.

Thanks, Harry!

From Kyodo News via Breitbart

South Korea is "aware" of fresh signs that North Korea may be preparing for a second nuclear weapon test and has strengthened its intelligence-sharing with the United States, Yonhap News quoted a government official as saying Tuesday.

The unidentified official, in the wake of media reports U.S. spy satellites have detected suspicious activity at North Korean sites that could be preparations for another test, said, "We are preparing for uncertainties but are very cautious in analyzing North Korea- related intelligence." Full article...

Kim's response (AP) here.


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