Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Islam in Public Schools

Check this out over at WorldNetDaily.

Think about this: what would the school’s reaction be if several of the students were to demonstrate (with props, of course) the beheading of an “infidel” because he would not denounce his Christianity or Judaism and convert to Islam? I mean really do it up, fake blood, screaming, and outlandish statements by the one performing this task, signs about “convert or die”, etc. I am quite sure this would not be tolerated, describing the demonstration as “hostile” and/or “not true Islam”, etc. Yeah… Excerp below.

Another school has been "teaching" Islam by having students study and learn Muslim prayers and dress as Muslims, and a lawyer who argued a previous dispute over this issue to the U.S. Supreme Court said such methodologies wouldn't "last 10 seconds" if it were Christianity being taught.

"Would it have been 'just cultural education' if students were in simulated baptisms, wearing a crucifix, having taken the name of St. John and with praise banners saying 'Praise be to Jesus Christ' on classroom walls?" asked Edward White III, of the Thomas More Law Center.

His comments came after a new protest arose in Nyssa, Ore., where one parent raised objections when the Islamic teachings came to light. The district there, according to Supt. Don Grotting, is teaching a chapter in a history textbook "Journey Across Time" that talks about "how civilization has developed and some of the particular aspects of Islam." Full article...


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