Friday, October 20, 2006


Got 'EM


They got the bas**rd! You would know it, a Clintonista! Larry Hanauer. Of course, the Dems will vehemently deny that Hanauer is involved. That may be so, but I doubt it. If this is proven otherwise, get the rope! Make an example of this traitor!

From Fox News

WASHINGTON — A Democratic staff member on the House Intelligence Committee has been suspended by the Republican chairman of that committee over concerns about the leak of a secret intelligence estimate, and political mudslinging has become a central part of the investigation into the security breach.

The unidentified staff member is Larry Hanauer, FOX News learned Friday. Chairman Peter Hoekstra, R-Mich., suspended Hanauer earlier this week and won't allow him access to classified information until a review can be completed, said Jamal Ware, Hoekstra's spokesman.

The suspension drew heated response from the committee's top Democrat, Jane Harman, who said she was "appalled" by the suspension and called for his immediate reinstatement.

The political spat was heightened further when Harman released portions of a document earlier this week related to the investigation into the criminal dealings of former Rep. Randy "Duke" Cunningham.

And another committee Republican told FOX News in an interview that the investigation he requested that led to Hanauer's suspension was political payback. More...

From Lucianne
[w/ Jim Mills & AP] We now have a name. I expect some good reporter (there actually might still be a few in existence) to tell us about this character's background. Is the Larry Hanauer who got started in the federal gov during the clinton years? Seems he lost his position in '02 and could be a Dem staffer now.


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