Thursday, October 05, 2006


ABC's "Oops!"

Well, well… sure looks like the Bill/Hill political assassin machine may have screwed the pooch on this one. As reported by Matt Drudge here, the story is unraveling. Foley certainly has his issues with pages, but ABC’s evidence certainly smells. The October surprise is backfiring. “Pagegate” is just starting!

It is apparent that many in Congress knew of Foley’s sexual orientation and other details well prior to his outing. Why was this not brought up sooner and by either party in the house itself, not news outlets? I feel quite sure there are many in Congress who’s sexual orientation, habits, etc., are well known within the hallowed halls, but not publicly. Extramarital affairs, homosexuality, fetishes… However, the reaction of the Democrats is ludicrous, outrageous and pure hypocrisy. They need look no further than Barney Frank, et al, including Slick Willie. Lets all remember, oral sex is not sex anymore (according to the Dems and the Slickmeister).

It’s time for the Republicans in Congress to take the gloves off. The closet door is creaking!!!!

Keep in mind… politicians make strange bedfellows. Stay tuned!

Michelle Malkin’s take is here.


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