Monday, September 25, 2006


Willie’s interview with Chris Wallace

Willie is nothing more than a pathological liar! Self importance and his “Legacy” are paramount to this flaming idiot. This could be a ploy to further energize the DemoCRAP base. They are clearly concerned with the Presidents rising poll numbers, falling petroleum (gasoline) prices, etc. Nice try, Slick! However, this will backfire on the you and the Dems. What he accomplished yesterday will drive Republicans to the polls and alienated some in his own party. His comments to Wallace are not even consistent with Richard Clark’s book or historical fact.

Fox News should have known (or did they?) something of this nature would happen. If so, good hit job. However, I seriously doubt this is the case.

From Fox News:

NEW YORK — The White House declined Monday to step into the debate after former President Bill Clinton accused "FOX News Sunday" host Chris Wallace of carrying out "a conservative hit job" on him during an interview in which Wallace asked Clinton about his administration's handling of the growing Al Qaeda threat.

"He retorts, you decide," White House Press Secretary Tony Snow said of the former president while playing on the cable network's slogan "We Report, You Decide." Snow went on to say that Clinton "clearly had strong feelings but we won't engage."

Full article here.

Great answer, Tony!

Keep imploding, Bill (DemoCRAPS)! We’ll march to unprecedented victory in November.

Rightwing Nuthouse has a good take on this here.

Saddle up, Republicans! Lock & Load!


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