Sunday, August 27, 2006


Ain't Looking to Good - For Florida

From Private Sources

ValidLatLonMax WindsMax GustsCategorySizeIntensityTotal
27th 7am CDT17.40N73.50W65kts87ktsCat 1358
27th 7pm CDT18.50N75.50W74kts96ktsCat 1369
28th 7am CDT19.90N77.30W83kts109ktsCat 13811
28th 7pm CDT21.30N79.30W91kts117ktsCat 25914
29th 7am CDT22.60N81.20W78kts104ktsCat 14711
29th 7pm CDT23.60N82.70W74kts96ktsCat 15611
30th 7am CDT24.80N83.70W87kts113ktsCat 26814
30th 7pm CDT26.00N84.10W100kts126ktsCat 391120
31st 7am CDT27.60N83.90W104kts130ktsCat 3101222
31st 7pm CDT29.40N82.70W100kts126ktsCat 391120
1st 7am CDT30.90N79.50W74kts100ktsCat 14610

Ernesto may take a similar path as Cahrlie in 2004. Good luck, Florida.

Saturday, August 26, 2006


Ain't Looking To Good - II

Private Source

ValidLatLonMax WindsMax GustsCategorySizeIntensityTotal
26th 3pm CDT15.70N71.50W48kts65ktsTS134
27th 3am CDT16.60N73.90W48kts65ktsTS134
27th 3pm CDT17.60N76.20W56kts74ktsTS246
28th 3am CDT18.80N78.60W61kts83ktsTS246
28th 3pm CDT20.10N80.80W65kts96ktsCat 1358
29th 3am CDT21.40N82.80W74kts96ktsCat 15611
29th 3pm CDT22.90N84.60W78kts104ktsCat 15712
30th 3am CDT24.20N86.30W91kts113ktsCat 28917
30th 3pm CDT25.40N87.40W100kts122ktsCat 391120
31st 3am CDT27.10N88.10W104kts126ktsCat 391221
31st 3pm CDT28.90N88.00W104kts126ktsCat 391221

As of 1500 CDT... tracking further east.


Ain't Looking Good

Private Source

U.S. Navy

Puerto Rico / U.S. Virgin Islands Radar

Below is private source information.

ValidLatLonMax WindsMax GustsCategorySizeIntensityTotal
26th 9am CDT15.10N71.00W48kts65ktsTS134
26th 9pm CDT16.10N73.90W52kts70ktsTS235
27th 9am CDT17.40N76.60W56kts74ktsTS246
27th 9pm CDT18.80N79.00W65kts83ktsCat 1358
28th 9am CDT20.20N81.10W65kts87ktsCat 1459
28th 9pm CDT21.40N82.90W74kts96ktsCat 15611
29th 9am CDT22.60N84.60W78kts104ktsCat 15712
29th 9pm CDT23.70N86.00W87kts109ktsCat 25813
30th 9am CDT24.80N87.50W96kts117ktsCat 281018
30th 9pm CDT25.80N88.80W100kts122ktsCat 3101121
31st 9am CDT27.10N90.00W104kts126ktsCat 3101222


Sunday, August 13, 2006


NY Crimes

You can change places and names, but not the headlines!


Hattip: Atlas Shrugs

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