Saturday, July 15, 2006


To Hell in a Hand Basket

It is being reported in London-based Arabic language newspaper Al-Hayat that Israel is giving Syria 72 hours to “Hizbullah’s activity, bring about release of kidnapped IDF troops. ‘Israel will not end military activity until new situation created that will prevent Syria, Iran from using terror organizations to threaten its security,’ newspaper quotes Pentagon official as saying.” Full story here.

This is sure going to hell in a hand basket quickly. Fox News Channel has just reported that Iran is taking this situation personally. Imagine that! I think that Israel will not wait for Iran to make the first move. If fell sure that Israel will strike Iran in the next few days, very possibly their nuclear facilities and Tehran itself. They will very possibly target the Iranian President and the Ayatollahs themselves. Attacking Iran and Syria simultaneously is certainly in Israel’s capability.

The final Middle East war may be upon us.

Update 10:23

Israel: Iran Aided Hezbollah Ship Attack

Update 11:28

Israeli Airstrikes Target Central Beirut for First Time in 4-Day Offensive

Update 12:28

Lebanese Prime Minister calls for ceasefire, citing the UN. Right! Ole Kofi handle it.

Update 14:23

3 Patriot batteries stationed in Haifa

US moves to evacuate expatriates from Lebanon

Update 17:32 Natiops move to evacuate expatriates from Lebanon


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