Friday, July 14, 2006



What a shame lawsuit. Now these two Clintonistas are requesting donations for their legal fund to pursue their grievance. Only the left has the gall to ask others to pay their way. I would love to have the “Who’s Who” list of donors. That would prove very interesting.

The Wilsons say if the win the lawsuit, they will return the monies back to the trust and give this to a charity that “works to protect government whistleblowers' First Amendment rights and helps to defend them from retaliatory action." Right. Check it out here.

This is just a ploy to keep this in the news for the duration of this election cycle. This will utterly fail. The left has not figured out the Democrat playbook is worn out. Americans will forget about this soon.

I wonder if there are grounds for a counter suit. That would be a scream!

Why is she always dressed in white? Could this be to present an appearance of innocence? I wonder if she uses the same drycleaner service as Monica Lewenski?

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