Thursday, July 13, 2006


Escalating - Israel Has Had Enough

Israel has had enough. It’s about time, too. We need not hold their reins this time. As of yesterday, they are calling up reserves and an armored division. That’s a lot of troops.

If Iran gets involved, things are going to get very ugly. I have no doubt that Isrel can defeat Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, but at a price. I see assassinations happening if things get out of hand. Blackfive has a very interesting take on this issue. Lots of comments also.

Perhaps it is time to take care of Iran once and for all. Thanks to “Jimmah Cahtar” for his giving the world the Iran problem. What a pompous ass!

Flash: FNC is reporting that Israel is bombing a Lebonnese Army post right now (0932 CDT).

Flash Update: FNC reporting that Israeli Intellegence has information that Hezbollah is trying to moved captured Israeli soldiers to Iran (1023 CDT).

This is going south real fast!!

Update 13:00 CDT: From The Jerusalem Post -
Hizbullah wants soldiers moved to Iran

Update 14:50 CDT: Beirut airport fuel tanks hit - Herald Sun Hat Tip: Aubrey J

Good read by John Gibson at FNC: Iran Attacking Israel Is Really Attack on U.S.


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