Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Souter Home Eminent Domain Update

Souter-home seizer to meet with residents
Will travel to New Hampshire to plan condemnation of justice's property
Posted: August 17, 20051:00 a.m. Eastern
By Ron Strom© 2005

The California property-rights activist who is determined to have a New Hampshire town seize the property of Supreme Court Justice David Souter under eminent domain plans to travel there this weekend to meet with local residents working on the project.

As WorldNetDaily reported, Los Angeles advertising entrepreneur Logan Darrow Clements has spearheaded a campaign to have the city of Weare, N.H., condemn Souter's property, a modest 200-year-old farmhouse on eight acres, in retaliation for his vote approving the seizure of homes in Connecticut in the Kelo v. City of New London case. Full article …

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