Monday, August 22, 2005


A Misguided Republican

Senator Hagel’s comparison of Iraq to Vietnam exposes his failure to consult history. Senator Hagel’s service in Vietnam is commendable. However, service in Vietnam does not make one an expert in the subject of warfare.

To think the President does not have a strategy to for Iraq is an insult to the office and our military leaders, civilian's included. But, insulting the President is nothing new on both sides of the isle. I have no doubt this strategy not only exist, but is in effect today. To wit: the published statements about beginning sending our troops home next year.

Some on the left demand ALL of our military be removed from the entire theater. This would only embolden the enemy to new heights and create a huge power vacuum. We will have a permanent military presence along with permanent bases in Iraq and elswhere, as we have had in all wars since WWII. Our military will be a prominent fixture in the region for the foreseeable future, and rightly should be.

To opine that to stay four more years would bog us down and destabilize the region is to ignore that it was unstable well before we arrived in Afghanistan and Iraq and since 1947. Senator Hagel neglects the fact that it has been relatively quiet in the region (Iraq excluded) since our arrival, with the exception of Iran. Unfortunately, we will have to deal with them sooner or later.

I firmly believe Iran and Syria are shaking in their boots. They have the most to loose if a successful democracy is established in Iraq and/or elsewhere. There greatest fear is a revolution in their own country. Hopefully, the CIA has been working on this.


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