Thursday, August 25, 2005


George Will's Column

George Will’s column today is very telling of the shape the Democratic Party is in today. As many have stated before me, the party is fragmented into many minority interest groups, all wanting there cause to be the top issue.

With leaders such as Howard Dean, Nancy Peloci, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, it is no wonder they are where they are. The endless attacks on the President, outright lies concerning the economy, crude oil/gas price issue, Plamegate, etc., are more damning to them then any Republican could ever do. Most of our populace are intelligent enough to see through all of this.

Now the bunch is demanding change in the party, specifically to be more radical in the leaderships positions. I don’t know how much more radical one could be than Howard Dean.
They are sliding down a slippery slope. It is our duty to assure there are no obstacles in their way.


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