Friday, August 26, 2005


Able Danger VI - Third Person Comes Forth

Now that another source is confirming that Mohammed Atta was identified by the Able Danger team and his photo was on the so-called chart, the 9/11 Commission, Pentagon, the ClinTOON gang, et al, no longer have the luxury of plausible deniability. There are gravely serious questions that have, and will continue to arise. A complete investigation needs to be conducted post haste and as independent as possible.

An investigation by the Inspector General’s office of an unrelated government department could accomplish this task. This is done all the time. I will suggest the Department of the Treasury. They certainly have more resources than most departments. Forget Congress. Political considerations will prevail and skewer any attempt to get to what I and many conservatives believe: The Clinton Administration sat on their laurels concerning the clear and present danger of al-Queda, and in particular Osama bin Laden. The "wall" memo by Jamie Gorelick will come to haunt the Clinton legacy that Bubba and his cohorts are attempting to write into the history books, and rightly so.

I believe more persons involved in Able Danger will come forth in the next few weeks. There are simply too many asses to be covered. Pandora’s box is open.

(Note: I will compile all Able Danger post into a concise message and update accordingly.)


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