Sunday, July 17, 2005


Muslim Hate Law Stirs Brits

Religious Hate Law Aimed At Protecting Muslims Passes UK Vote

By Patrick Goodenough International Editor
July 12, 2005(

In a victory for British Muslim campaigners, the House of Commons Monday passed a bill aimed at curbing religious hatred, despite critics' warnings that it could worsen relations between religious communities.

The Racial and Religious Hatred Bill passed its third reading by a 301-229 vote, just hours after Prime Minister Tony Blair's press secretary declined to rule out using the measure, if it becomes law, against Muslim figures who may incite violence against Christians and Jews. Full Article…

My Comments:

Watch for the same to come from the Left in Congress. Although I will admit not all of the Left will support something of this nature. The Brits really have themselves a hot potato this time.


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