Monday, July 11, 2005


It's Miller Time!

It's Miller time . . . in free-press America
Kathleen Parker Life & Times July 10, 2005
Orlando Sentinal

As New York Times reporter Judith Miller was taken in shackles to jail for declining to reveal her sources, two thoughts came to mind: The woman has great courage, and the American public should be deeply grateful for her integrity.I hold firmly to the first notion. Miller is brave and represents the best of what journalism is supposed to be. In a word, trustworthy. She refused to renege on her promise to protect a source (or sources) interviewed during her investigation of the Valerie Plame spy-outing case and now is behind bars. More…

My Comments:
"Miller's now-notorious WMD stories were later revealed to have been based on unreliable sources. It happens." I hate it when that happens!

"There are times when reporters may need to bring down a bad Democrat (though the Dems will have to be in power first), and it will be far easier if sources feel they can speak freely with impunity." So now the Democrats have to be in power to be brought down! Sure showing her true colors.

"And it's also certainly true that the practice of protecting sources is overused and abused."
This statement is akin to "Houston, we have a problem."

"Without reporters who will protect those who tell dangerous secrets, …" So it’s up to reporters to determine what are dangerous secrets! Scary.

The law has spoken. She is in jail for breaking the law. So say’s the SCOTUS. I wonder if she would be willing to do it again? I’ll bet not.


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